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Africa is full of rich flavour and colour. Each country that makes up this continent has its culinary history that is traditionally passed down.

Who am I?




All of our food products are rigorously selected. No room for products of dubious origin, traceability is impeccable at Getex



Crafted by hand, our hair and body care creams are natural. They nourish, moisturize and give your life a shine.



From the four corners of the Central African Republic, our spices are tasty and grow naturally which gives them an exceptional taste.



Growth oils for hair types, macerate avocado or olive oil or grape seeds, Chebé will promote the growth of your hair.



Mainly based on Citronnelle, I make my infusions by mixing spices in order to dare the flavors that will make you travel!

What you need to know about some of the virtues of my preparations

Moringa is a plant that comes to us from Asia and is recently found in Latin America and Africa. The World Health Organization(WHO)advocates Moringa in the fight against malnutrition through the tree’s intake of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Thanks to its many virtues:
Strengthens the immune system,
Helps fight diabetes,
Balances cholesterol
Fighting constipation
Reduces appetite
Increases Libido
Helps fight certain cancer
And so on…

Food supplement - Bulk Moringa Root

Rich in vitamins, Moringa is:
4 times more vitamin A than carrots
7 times more vitamin C than oranges
7 times more iron than spinach
3 times more protein than bananas.
Rich in antioxidants it helps to fight depression.

The Chebe powder originates from the seeds of Chebe or Zambezi croton, which are usually found north of the Chadian savannahs. To obtain the miracle powder, the seeds are first roasted until they get a dark color and then are crushed and sifted.

Specially used by Arab women in Chad, the chebe powder strengthens the hair and gives it anti-fall action. With it, no more hair loss and they are more beautiful, stronger and perfectly hydrated! Chebe powder also promotes rapid hair growth, provided the process is applied to the letter.

The stump is a small tuber known for a very long time. The Egyptians were already using it. A source of well-being, it pbones many virtues for the whole body. To be consumed without moderation!


It has everything to please and please everyone. Indeed, the stump does not contain gluten, which allows those who are allergic to it or who do not tolerate it, to be able to consume it without worry. This tuber from the Chufaplant is native to the Mediterranean and African basin. It is recognized by its amber color, slightly tigerish. And what’s more, it’s good! The stump is slightly sweet, very sweet and its taste looks a bit like almond. Some call it the tiger nut, the almond or the sweet pea.


As winter approaches, it’s a good time to eat it, if you haven’t done it until now. You will be filled with minerals: zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. Do you lack antioxidant vitamin E? It’s a good thing the stump contains it. To complete the cocktail, this little sweetness offers vitamin C, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids and enzymes: biotin, rutin, flavonoid, which protect the body from free radicals. Your immune defenses will be strong enough to deal with winter viruses.


If you are on a diet or are monitoring your line, you can eat the stump with your eyes closed. To stall small (or large) cravings, we gladly forget cookies too sweet and too fat and we dip our hand in a bag of stumps, very nourishing. If you nibble on it, you’ll quickly be satisfied thanks to its power of repletion. Its fibers swell and moderate appetite.


Professor Walter Schartze, a German biologist and chemist, called the stump a “survival food” because, according to him, 30 g a day is enough for a man’s survival by covering his basic nutrient needs. In addition to being source ofomega 9 and an aid against bad cholesterol, the stump is a tuber that contains many fibers. It thus helps with good digestion, reduces bloating, colic and flatulence. It can be used in case of diarrhoea (thanks to its high starch content) and to relieve colon irritations.